15 Essential JavaScript Video Tutorials

JavaScript can be difficult to learn on your own. It can be even more difficult to find good tutorials that teach best practices from the onset. I've gathered together 15 video tutorials from the people who really know their JavaScript. You'll learn about the basics of JavaScript and how to debug it from Douglas Crockford, Peter-Paul Koch, Joe Hewitt, and others. This collection of tutorials is for pure JavaScript, no frameworks (those will come in a future post), so you'll get a chance to learn from the ground up. If videos aren't your preferred method of learning, check out the bottom of the post for more JavaScript resources.

Beginning JavaScript

Douglas Crockford is the chief JavaScript Architect at Yahoo and is also the creator of the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. In these first four videos, he provides an introduction to the JavaScript programing language.

The JavaScript Programming Language (1/4 - 31 minutes)

The JavaScript Programming Language (2/4 - 31 minutes)


The JavaScript Programming Language (3/4 - 29 minutes)


The JavaScript Programming Language (4/4 - 20 minutes)


Document Object Model

In this next set of video tutorials, Douglas Crockford talks about the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript interacts with browsers.

The Theory of the DOM (1/3 - 31 minutes)

The Theory of the DOM (2/3 - 21 minutes)

The Theory of the DOM (3/3 - 26 minutes)

Advanced JavaScript

In this final set of videos from Crockford, he covers advanced JavaScript programming topics such as inheritance, modules, debugging, efficiency, and JSON.

Advanced JavaScript (1/3 - 31 minutes)

Advanced JavaScript (2/3 - 25 minutes)

Advanced JavaScript (3/3 - 11 minutes)

JavaScript Events

Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) runs Quirksmode, an excellent website to use as a reference for browser incompatibilities and solutions. Quirksmode maintains information on both JavaScript and CSS issues and really is invaluable for anyone working regularly in the browser.

In this next video tutorial, PPK talks about JavaScript events, including key events, the change event, event delegation, and mobile events.

Update: Yahoo has since removed this video. If you know where we can find it on the web, let us know in the comments.

JavaScript Events (55 minutes)

JavaScript Performance

Nicholas C. Zakas is the author or contributor of several JavaScript-related books including Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, Professional Ajax, and Even Faster Web Sites. In this presentation, he talks about how to speed up your JavaScript.

Speed Up Your JavaScript (56 minutes)

Steve Souders formerly worked at Yahoo and now works at Google as a website performance expert. He is also the creator of the YSlow and PageSpeed plugins for Firebug and the author of High Performance Websites and Even Faster Web Sites. In these next two videos, he'll talk about how to make your websites faster. Though not all of his advice is JavaScript-related, you will learn pick up a number of useful tips.

High Performance Web Sites: 14 Rules for Faster Pages (60 minutes)

Even Faster Websites (60 minutes)

Debugging JavaScript

If you're working with JavaScript in the browser, it won't be very long before you need to debug your code. In this first video, Joel Hewitt, creator of the essential Firebug plugin for Firefox, introduces Firebug and teaches you how to use it. (Note: This video is for Firebug 1.0, but the current version of Firebug is 1.4. Despite the version difference, the video still provides a great overvidew of the tool.)

Firebug Tutorial (48 minutes)

Further JavaScript Resources

If you've just watched all 511 minutes of video, you're heroic, but you're going to need a break. When you come back, here are some further JavaScript resources and (non-video) tutorials.

JavaScript Reference
  • DOM Specification - The W3C official site for the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Mozilla Developer Center - The Mozilla Developer Center's JavaScript resources are among the best references and tutorials for JavaScript online.
  • Quirksmode - Keeps track of browser incompatibilities
  • JSON - The official site for JavaScript Object Notation
  • JSON - W3Schools also provides an excellent set of JavaScript tutorials
JavaScript Compression Utilities
  • YUI compressor - a JavaScript compression tool for download.
  • JSMin - Douglas Crockford's JavaScript minifier for various programming languages. An online version can be found here.
  • Packer - Dean Edward's JavaScript Compressor
JavaScript Tools
  • Firebug - The must-have plugin for debugging JavaScript ina browser
  • JSLint - Douglas Crockford's JavaScript code quality tool
  • JSDoc - A tool for creating documentation from JavaScript files
  • YSlow - A plugin for Firebug that analyzes page speed and offers recommendations for improvement
  • PageSpeed - Another plugin for Firebug that analyzes page speed and offers recommendations for improvement. It has some overlap with YSlow, but mostly offers different features.


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