Calling All Writers

Virtuosi Media is looking for some amazing content from great writers. If you’re a web developer or a business or marketing professional and would like to guest author an article, a tutorial, or a resource list on our website, this page will tell you what you need to know.


We have a very high editorial standard and will publish only the highest quality content. Each submission should be a unique or interesting concept, well-written, a complete idea, not infringe on any copyrights, not be published elsewhere on the web and written by you, and pertinent to our readers. We are currently accepting submissions in the following three areas: business articles, programming tutorials, and design tutorials.

We like sharp, incisive, ultra-specific, and incredibly detailed articles that are based on experience or statistical analysis. You’ve seen the fluff pieces that are out there. We tend to lean toward the comprehensive resource end of the spectrum. Generic and recycled content or ideas will be rejected with a kind thank you.

How Can I Write A Better Article?

Good ideas for new content can be difficult, but here are a few ways you can enhance your articles:

  • What is the audience for my article?
  • What real problem does my article solve for the target audience?
  • How can I support my article with studies or personal experience?
  • What are resources a reader could use for more information?
  • Would I be excited to share this article with my friends or colleagues? Why?
  • How can this article make the reader feel awesome about themselves? What actionable steps are there for them to take?

For more tips on writing, check out our copyrighting tips.

What Kind Of Business Articles Are You Looking For?

Anything related to running a business on the Internet. The business doesn’t need to be solely an internet business, it should just have an online component. This means that we’ll accept articles about marketing, SEO, social media, finance, ecommerce, accounting, copywriting, sales and lead conversion, customer service, management, and similar topics. View our Business section for samples of what we’ve already published.

What Kind Of Tutorials Do You Publish?

We want to focus on web-related tutorials for programmers and designers. Potential topics could include but are not limited to: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, XML, .NET, Java, Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP, design, etc. To get an idea of the types of tutorials we publish, check out our Developers and Designers sections. Note: If you submit a tutorial, you must also submit proof of working code or it will not be considered.

What About List Posts?

List posts are great, but they’re a dime-a-dozen. That doesn’t mean that we won’t publish a list post, but it needs to be special. We’re not looking for list posts that are just a lot of same screenshots that are recycled over and over again on the web. Rather than “Showcase of 99 Ecommerce Sites” with 99 screenshots of websites and about two paragraphs of text, we’d prefer something more like “5 Ecommerce Sites That Get It Right” with in-depth commentary and analysis about why they got it right.

How Long Does The Content Need To Be?

We don’t have a specified length. We’re looking for complete ideas that cover every aspect of a topic in detail. If that can be done in a short piece, great; if not, then longer pieces are encouraged.

What Kind Of Tone Should The Articles Have?

We encourage you to use your own unique voice. You can be funny, serious, artistic…we just ask that you use a professional tone. It’s fine to discuss the merits or drawbacks of ideas or practices, but please don’t attack companies or individuals. Stay on-topic and don’t stray into politics, pop culture, etc.

Will You Edit My Articles?

We won’t do major editing. If there are a lot of changes to be made, but the article is still a great article, we’ll ask you to clean it up a little with some specific suggestions. We will check spelling and grammar on our own. We may also change some of the wording in order to get the proper keywords for search engines.

Do I Need To Include Images?

You are not required to submit images with your writing, but if you have some that you have a legal right to use or have ideas about what images we could use, we’d welcome them. If you do submit images, please send them at least in the 1000x1000px size range so we can adjust, resize, and crop them. We take images in the .png, .psd, .jpg, and .gif. formats. The copyright information is required or the picture will not be used. Please note that we may not use any or all submitted images. If you don’t have any images to send, don’t worry. We can take care of that part if we feel that images are necessary for the writing piece.

What Format Should I Use For The Writing?

Either a Microsoft Word document or a HTML markup. If you have code samples in the content, they should be enclosed in <pre> tag.

What About Video Tutorials Or Screencasts?

Send them our way! Video is a great supplement to written content. A written transcript is preferred, but not required.

What If I Have A Resource I Want To Give Away?

Great! As long as it's high-quality, we'd love to help you showcase case your work. If you have icon sets, website templates, JavaScript plugins for MooTools, jQuery, or any other framework, we'd be happy to publish it. If you have a high quality ebook, we'd also might be interested in partnering with you as long as it would interest our audience.

What Is The Compensation?

Exposure. We’re a growing website with a lot of great content. Each writing piece will contain an author bio and a link back to the author’s website. Each author will also have their own page with an expanded biography and a list of the articles that they have written. Each new article or tutorial will be tweeted to our Twitter followers and posted on our Facebook page. We do not currently offer monetary remuneration.

When Will My Article Be Published?

If your writing is accepted, publication will depend on the amount of articles, tutorials, and resource lists in the queue. We currently try to publish at least one piece of writing every week, but we want to gradually expand that to include more updates every week. When your article is accepted, we will also inform you of the publication date.

How Do I Submit?

If you want to run an idea past us before you start writing, you can use our contact form. Any completed writing can be sent to We will respond within 72 hours of receiving your writing piece and let you know if it has been accepted or if changes are needed.

Current Article Wishlist

Here is our current wishlist with specific suggested article titles. If you'd like to write one of these articles, just let us know. We're definitely open to articles that aren't on this list as well.

  • AdSense Isn't A Business Plan
  • How To Use Google's Website Optimizer
  • Explaining the Sales Funnel
  • A Complete Guide To Setting Up A Facebook Page For Your Business
  • Customer Service Is Your Best Marketing Tool
  • How To Choose An SEO Company
  • How To Implement OpenID
  • How To Implemment OAuth
  • Styling Lists with CSS
  • Understanding RDF
  • Understanding The MooTools Class System
  • High Information Design Strategies

We're also highly interested in the following types of tutorials:

  • Any HTML5 or CSS3 tutorials (but please come at it with a unique and ultra-specific approach)
  • Any jQuery, MooTools, Dojo, or Prototype Tutorials or Plugins
  • Any High Quality PhotoShop, Fireworks, Illustrator, or GIMP tutorials and/or screencasts

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